Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I REALLY Learned at Market!!

So I know I have been quiet over the summer. It consisted of taking a trip home to OH where I sustained a HARD Sprain on my right ankle (sewing and driving foot). 

Then I had a procedure done to relieve trigger finger in my right hand (dominant hand). It was done with a needle inserted in my hand instead of surgically opening it up. Dr had to tear more than he had anticipated and it left more swollen and bruised and in more pain than anticipated.

I was in Ohio at the start of July which is when the Row by Row challenge started. I was able to hit up some quilt shops there and the rest when I got back to Indy and was able to turn it in fully quilted, with at least 8 rows, and with a label on July 11 at my favorite QS- Crimson Tate. My prize was 25 FQs from the fabulous Cotton & Steel line!!

And I finished the Michael Miller challenge piece to hang up. It was quilted with my fav Aurifil threads in blue and white!

There were a few other quilts I finished. One I can't show yet and another that I will write about soon.

I did finish one project that I had been slowly working on regarding Market. I got to meet and talk to and listen to discussions with a lot of influential people. There was one this that I learned from them.

Book publishers and fabric labels are more concerned with what they think "the people" want. Some people are so into having their name connected with big names that they give in to their demands and their voice and passion is lost in the process. 

Just because what you like or do doesn't fit the "norm" or what your grandma's friends like...
Just because you see things differently than others...
Just because you prefer to think outside the box...
Just because you have a passion for something that no one else can understand......
doesn't mean you are wrong!!!!

Stand up for what you believe in!! The world would be a boring place if we all thought and looked and did the exact things. This bring tears to my eyes as I write it. Do what you do no matter what others say. Shame on them for bringing you down! It is ok no not like what someone does, but don't make them feel horrible for it!!

 I was able to spend lots of time with Thomas Knauer and Lisa Sipes. Words can't express how inspirational they are to me. I learned to "Stay True to Myself!!" while I was with them. I might have things I "have" to do but that doesn't mean that you can't put your own personal spin on it and do things "your" way! This doesn't just apply to sewing but to all aspects of life. 

Try to live your life by staying true to yourself today and everyday!!

Take care and school starts Wed so I hope to be on here more!!


PS- the sign was made using Gail Kessler's Dimples line!! She is wonderful and so is her son!