Friday, December 23, 2011

Next Project...

So Sara from Sew Sweetness has done it again! Check out this bag!!

and then it opens up to this

The instructions are here!! I will be making one real soon after the holidays and can't wait!!

Here and there

On top of getting my own gifts sewn, I had a couple friends as me to do some for them. The first was an Ipad case for a gal at work. She picked out the fabric from hancock fabric and I whipped it together for her. It is super cute and have foam quilted into it.

Then another friend wanted pillow cases for the pillows on her couch. First time doing this and they were easy and cute!!

And now back to my sewing for gifts!!!

My Christmas Gift.....

It has been a long time coming but I finally got something I have been hoping for for awhile. I said goodbye to my untrusty Rodeo.....

We tried to trade in the little boy but they didn't want him!!!

And we said hello to my new to us 2010 For Flex!!!

I love it!!!

Wayyyy behind.......

So what can I say? Decembere happened and caused me to fall behind. Then I got the message that my uncle in OH was going to be taken off of life support so we jumped in the new car and headed out for the 20 hour car ride to be home. Needless to say we have been busy with funeral stuff and now I am helping my aunt get everything figured out. Right now we have a day of relaxation so I thought it would be time to do some updating.

Here are 2 more blocks from the quilt a long. I think I have one more left at home to finish. I really like the peppermint one. The socks are pretty cute too!!!