Friday, September 19, 2014

My Butterfly Quilt

So in June of 2013 I had finally chosen and ordered the fabrics that I needed to make Tula's Butterfly Quilt. My pals over at The Fat Quarter Shop had all the Kona solids that I needed to make my beauty. It is based on this picture of this moth. 

The pattern (of course) was very detailed and long. I bought 2 bags of snack size Ziploc bags and used these to keep it all organized as I cut all the pieces. Lots of tiny, tiny,

Here's the stop by step progression on my design wall....

I finished the right half and then had to put things on hold as I needed the wall for some other projects. I finally finished the left side and got it all sewn together!

This is definitely not a pattern that is quickly finished in a weekend (even for me!) I plan on using the leftover fabric to make a cocoon to use for the backing....with front and back quilted individually and then put together with an outline of the butterfly and the cocoon to fuse them together. Maybe someday it will be completely done. 
Have a safe and happy weekend.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A New Job and Projects!!

A few months ago the ladies from Spool and BAQS put a call out for some folks to help them with testing patterns and making samples for the store. I immediately applied and was accepted. I love those ladies and what they stand for! 

I received my first project last week and it was one I had been dying to make! 

I love Christmas and the fact that this incorporates other colors with the normal red and green. It includes 10 pieced, 10 applique, and 10 setting blocks. I love that it is easy to make smaller as needed- especially for a wall hanging. My task was to make 4 blocks- 2 pieced and 2 appliqued. This was by far the most difficult part of the project. I decided on the twine tied package

Christmas tree


and Contrary Wife.

I put the together with black sashing, then a border of the 3 colors and black binding. 

For the backing I came across this super cute fabric I forgot that I had. Love how the colors even match!

So be sure to check the links for the shop, blog and pattern above and show them some love. I sent it back to them this morning and can't wait for them to see it. 

Take care and happy sewing!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I REALLY Learned at Market!!

So I know I have been quiet over the summer. It consisted of taking a trip home to OH where I sustained a HARD Sprain on my right ankle (sewing and driving foot). 

Then I had a procedure done to relieve trigger finger in my right hand (dominant hand). It was done with a needle inserted in my hand instead of surgically opening it up. Dr had to tear more than he had anticipated and it left more swollen and bruised and in more pain than anticipated.

I was in Ohio at the start of July which is when the Row by Row challenge started. I was able to hit up some quilt shops there and the rest when I got back to Indy and was able to turn it in fully quilted, with at least 8 rows, and with a label on July 11 at my favorite QS- Crimson Tate. My prize was 25 FQs from the fabulous Cotton & Steel line!!

And I finished the Michael Miller challenge piece to hang up. It was quilted with my fav Aurifil threads in blue and white!

There were a few other quilts I finished. One I can't show yet and another that I will write about soon.

I did finish one project that I had been slowly working on regarding Market. I got to meet and talk to and listen to discussions with a lot of influential people. There was one this that I learned from them.

Book publishers and fabric labels are more concerned with what they think "the people" want. Some people are so into having their name connected with big names that they give in to their demands and their voice and passion is lost in the process. 

Just because what you like or do doesn't fit the "norm" or what your grandma's friends like...
Just because you see things differently than others...
Just because you prefer to think outside the box...
Just because you have a passion for something that no one else can understand......
doesn't mean you are wrong!!!!

Stand up for what you believe in!! The world would be a boring place if we all thought and looked and did the exact things. This bring tears to my eyes as I write it. Do what you do no matter what others say. Shame on them for bringing you down! It is ok no not like what someone does, but don't make them feel horrible for it!!

 I was able to spend lots of time with Thomas Knauer and Lisa Sipes. Words can't express how inspirational they are to me. I learned to "Stay True to Myself!!" while I was with them. I might have things I "have" to do but that doesn't mean that you can't put your own personal spin on it and do things "your" way! This doesn't just apply to sewing but to all aspects of life. 

Try to live your life by staying true to yourself today and everyday!!

Take care and school starts Wed so I hope to be on here more!!


PS- the sign was made using Gail Kessler's Dimples line!! She is wonderful and so is her son! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My First Market.....Part 3......With A Giveaway!!

Saturday I awoke refreshed after the best night sleep I had had all week. I go to the Convention center early in order to knock a couple things off my list. The first was to stop by the Pickle Pie Designs booth to admire them and pick up a button....

This is what everyone needs in their sewing room for motivation!!

On Friday I was walking along and not really paying attention when this beast of a man walked he turned the corner I realized it was the Quilt Dad himself....John Q Adams. Bummed that I missed him I posted my near-meeting with him and he said he would be looking for me!!! Sigh. So Sat morning he was definitely on my list and I was able to check him off!!

I was bummed to realize that I had missed getting his book signed. Looks amazing and I have one coming to me now so be looking for my review soon! 

I had also met Amy Butler during set-up but no picture was taken due to our sloppish state! I made sure I rectified that situation! 

Her new fabric line is gorgeous! Unfortunately her hubby David Butler aka Parson Grey wasn't able to be there but his side of the booth was beautiful too! 
 Do you see that cute shirt turned into a dress? Below is info on the pattern! Love it!! And that's Amy's hand hoding it for me!! lol

I also got the chance to hang out with Alison Glass at her booth. Beautiful fabrics and patterns. This one is triangles and paper-pieced triangles. So pretty and the possibilities are endless!!

Angela Walters had a booth and new book out. I got my old book and my new book signed while I was there too!

And a couple other good pics from being out and about...

Thomas and Lisa

Thomas and I

In front of the blooming wall

Not sure of the booth but love these 3-D quilts!
At the end of the day we had a special mission. Kim from my go-go-life had put out a top secret request for people to meet in the lobby to make a welcome home sign from her son returning from the Middle East in the Army.
We were given poster board and markets and a letter and we went to town

People were coming by and taking pictures and asking us what we were doing. It was an event on its own. We were able to take a video where we welcomes him home. Lots of tears were shared!

After we were done we hiked down to the local Vietnamese restaurant- Pho. I had never been to one before so I decided to be brave and try it out. Many people in our group had special food needs so this place catered to them all. Our waiter Travis awazing.

L to R: Lisa, Gail Kessler, Bob Kessler, Thomas, Kim, Sara Lawson, Waiter Travis, Teresa Coates, me, Ebony Love

While we were waiting for our meal, Ebony and I ran next door to the candy shop. Grandpa Joe was a great help and he had an amazing collection. 

Ebony and I have made some plans for meeting up in Indy and creating some chaos and I can't wait!

Well this about sums up my trip to Market. It was sooo much fun and I encourage everyone that can to go and experience it once in their life....fall is always in Houston and next Spring is in Minneapolis...I'm sure it won't be cold there!

The last giveaway is for another set of the Aurifil thread in all the weights and 2 more FQs from Tula Pink's new line coming out in the fall. 

Comment with someone in the industry that you would give anything to meet!! Wednesday at noon is the deadline!!

Have a great weekend!!