Thursday, June 27, 2013

You met David who??

So last Friday I went to the amazing Crimson Tate where the even more amazing Heather hosted a meet and greet with the gorgeous and talented David Butler aka Parson Gray aka lead singer of the Black Owls.
(One can never use too many adjectives)

So you might be asking yourself just who this person is. To start off, he is the husband of the beautiful and talented Amy Butler. He has a few lines of fabric out there that are geared more toward men and he also has a line of bags for guys. Which my husband will one day own! And he is the lead singer in a band. He is from my home state of Ohio. He is very down-to-earth and we had a nice conversation about Steelers (his team) vs Browns (my team) and places we had been and people we know in common (which is amazing). 

As I was the first person there, I got my picture with him in front of a quilt made with his fabric by one of the workers at the shop. 

It was fun to sit at the big table and just chat with him and other. You can see where he is and where I was sitting....just look for my pink Octopus bag hanging on the chair!

Meghan made a quilt that David had to get a picture of. Using his fabrics, she designed a quilt with the shape of Michigan on it since that is where she is from (I won't hold that against her). David was very impressed!

Here is Meghan and David talking. Kinda looks like she is patting her head and rubbing her tummy! Oh, and she had on a Black Owls t-shirt that she had won. 

Needless to say, it was a great time and I look forward to seeing who else comes to hang out at Crimson Tate, where we always have a great time and we are surrounded by wonderful fabrics!!


Blocks 13, 14, and 15!!

These are the last 3 blocks for this month. The big drawing is on the 30th (Sunday) so be sure to link yours up by then. These 15 blocks make up the section in the book dealing with crosses. Next month we will be diving into rectangles!!

Here are mine.

I can't believe that there are only 85 more blocks to make!! Take care and good luck to all- hope you win something amazing in the drawing.

Have a great day!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Mama's Got A New Bag!!!

So not too long ago Tula Pink released her Saltwater line of fabric. Of course I had to get some, so I pre-ordered a half-yard bundle from I Don't do Dishes.

Notice how I took a picture with her card- that's good planning on my part for once because without that I would have no idea where it came from!! 

So I have been waiting to make something with it and decided to try out one of my gal pal Sara's patterns. I decided on the Dot Dot Dash Bag so that I could fussy cut me some octopi!

Here is what I ended up with!!

Have to say that I am once again impressed with Sara's pattern and easy her directions made it to put together. Just remember to ALWAYS read the entire pattern before you begin and to pay attention to what step you are on. I might have had to go back and rip some seams because I got distracted and didn't follow the correct steps. 

Happy Friday to all and to all a great weekend!!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

10-12 and a couple other blocks too!

Have you finished any more blocks? I just linked up mine with this weeks post. Not sure what I am talking about? Check it out! June is almost over (can you believe it?) so you want to get linked up so that you are in the running for some great prizes!! 

Here are mine:

Once again we are sideways....even though I am uploading them and they are not sideways.....any suggestions?

Here are my May and June Lucky Stars.

 The first is from Tula's Prince Charming and the second is made using Fairy Frost by Robert Kauffman. It is super shiny- even though you can't tell. 

I also joined a Block of the Month at a local quilt shop. Only $10 for the year and they provide all the fabric. Couldn't resist this deal. Here is what the final version will look like.

I know, I know, not my style but I am doing it for the techniques and practice. I think my mom would probably hang it up or someone! 
Here is my first block

Pretty basic. I am also working on my Y seams because I want to make a scrappy diamond quilt....not the easiest thing but that's how I roll!!

 I want to make something that looks like this:

We will see how that goes! 

Can't wait to see everyone's blocks!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tula Blocks 7-9

Have you been keeping up? I am finally getting there. I just finished the 15 for this month. Here are the first 9 from me.

Sideways? I know. Not sure why it uploads them that way but you get the idea!!
Info on my fabric can be found here
And prize info!!
Don't forget to link yours up here and to keep on following along!!

Sew Sweetness

Monday, June 10, 2013

Product Review

Disclaimer: The following thoughts and opinions are my own. I have not been paid or asked to review said product. But would be willing to accept payment for reviewing other products :)

So I have this tiny little seam ripper that I have had forever! The problem with it is that I keep losing it. While at Jo-Ann's the other day I came across a deal on a seam ripper so I thought I would try it out. This is what I got.

It is called a Seam-Fix by Dritz.

I chose it because it was big enough not to lose and it had an interesting top. (The top to my other one has long ago been lost!) The reason for the white top and end is that they are made of rubber and when you are seam ripping you rub across the ripped seam and this catches all the threads. Sound too good to be true? Well it's not! It made easy work of ripping the seam (turns out my old one if pretty dull too!!) and then grabbed all the threads for me. The only downside I saw is that you have to wipe the threads off with your hand after each pass or it just deposits them back on the fabric. I love the thickness of it. Like holding a pen and bright purple is easy to find. (There were also other colors).

So, if you are interesting in a new seam ripper I would definitely give this one a try!!

Have a wonderful week and I hope you don't have any seams to rip!!!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

It was my first time and I liked it!!!

Making a T-shirt quilt that is.....

So at the recent Craft Market I was at, a lady came up and asked if I had ever done a t-shirt quilt. I was honest and told her that I hadn't but that I would like to. She just happened to have 15 of her daughters t-shirts in her car that she was wanting made into one. Sounded good to me. And the fact that she wanted it in 3 weeks was a challenge that I gladly took on.

The first thing I did was look for coordinating fabric. There was a red shirt and an orange shirt so those were going to be the challenge. Not all colors go with these 2 colors. So off to JoAnnes I went. 

My 2 favorite fabric colors are Chartreuse and Peacock- both Konas- and they worked great. I sent these pics to the customer and she sent these back:

Pictures of her daughter's room in blue and green! How perfect!

So I cut and fused and sashed and came up with this and I loved it!!

The blocks ended up being 11 inch squares to accommodate all the writing. Now on to the decision of the backing. Mom wanted something comfy so I picked flannel and send some examples from the local Hancock's.


Mom chose the Blue and Green flowers in the middle of the first picture. I knew I was going to use straight lines for the quilting but I decided to make it a little more interesting by basket weaving the lines. Some look like they stop while others go over. 

I think you can see it pretty good. I quilted it using some Aurifil Light Grey thread that I had leftover from another project and it is wonderful! The blocks were big enough that I couldn't not do any quilting on them. I just free-motioned around the designs on them. 

Here is the finished quilt.

For the binding I used strips of the blue and green alternating. I machine sewed it on.

The mom received it and was quite happy and satisfied so I consider this a success!!

Can't wait to try my hand at the next one!!