Friday, December 23, 2011

Next Project...

So Sara from Sew Sweetness has done it again! Check out this bag!!

and then it opens up to this

The instructions are here!! I will be making one real soon after the holidays and can't wait!!

Here and there

On top of getting my own gifts sewn, I had a couple friends as me to do some for them. The first was an Ipad case for a gal at work. She picked out the fabric from hancock fabric and I whipped it together for her. It is super cute and have foam quilted into it.

Then another friend wanted pillow cases for the pillows on her couch. First time doing this and they were easy and cute!!

And now back to my sewing for gifts!!!

My Christmas Gift.....

It has been a long time coming but I finally got something I have been hoping for for awhile. I said goodbye to my untrusty Rodeo.....

We tried to trade in the little boy but they didn't want him!!!

And we said hello to my new to us 2010 For Flex!!!

I love it!!!

Wayyyy behind.......

So what can I say? Decembere happened and caused me to fall behind. Then I got the message that my uncle in OH was going to be taken off of life support so we jumped in the new car and headed out for the 20 hour car ride to be home. Needless to say we have been busy with funeral stuff and now I am helping my aunt get everything figured out. Right now we have a day of relaxation so I thought it would be time to do some updating.

Here are 2 more blocks from the quilt a long. I think I have one more left at home to finish. I really like the peppermint one. The socks are pretty cute too!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The wall and another block down!

I was kinda late in posting last weekd blocks but here is one of this weeks plus I got everything hung up on the wall to see where I want the blocks placed. 9 down only 3 more!!!

I am definately getting better at applique stitching thanks to this sew a long!!!

Enchino Creation

Well this week we got one of our "family" Christmas gifts. A new Kindle Fire. I love it!!! (the little that I have been on it!!) It is kinda like an Ipad but is thru amazon. Has all the apps and games and can watch movies and check out books. The boys have spent the most time with it (of course)!!! Once it was on its way I decided I needed to make a case for it since I didn't want to spend $40 on one. So I got up my courage and pulled out some fabric from the Enchino swap. There is more coming soon so I thought it would be ok to use a little. I found a tutorial here and kinda did my own thing off of it.

The elastic and I didn't get along very well but here's the end result!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2 more blocks

Here are the next 2 blocks I made.

Another craaazy week!!

So this week was the week before Thanksgiving break and it kids at school were craaaazy!!! Home life was also craaazy and not a lot of sewing got done. On Wed a teacher asked if I could help her with a gift idea for a cousin overseas that has a little girl and she needed it by early next week! I suggested skirts and she loved the idea so Wed night I was at the local Hancocks texting her pictures of fabric to see which ones she liked. We finally decided on 2 cute ones and I knocked them out Thur after school and I gave them to her Fri and she was super happy with the results. Here they are!!

This picture was taken on my kitchen floor as I was heading out for school Fri morning.....I almost forgot to take a pic!!

My plans for Turkey break are to catch up on the last 2 blocks from the Christmas sew a long- as well as the 2 new ones coming this week. I have 2 bags I am making for Christmas gifts for my mama and my ma in law. And I am writing a tutorial on making a diaper bag (actually I will be making 2 of them) for gifts. If I can get all this done as well as the traveling next weekend I will be a SUPER happy person!!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 more blocks........

Here are this weeks 2 blocks from the 12 Days of Christmas sew a long! The first one is the snowflake. The lady that gave this tutorial makes a TON of stuff from the selvages of fabric- which is the white strips that most of us cut off and throw away. That is what snowflake is made from. The second one is 4 presents. The pic isn't very good but they came out cute!! Can't wait to see what the next ones are!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So the wonderful Sara at Sew Sweetness has started a 12 Days of Christmas Sampler Quilt along. I just had to join so my little boy and I went and picked out some Christmas fabric and I have been enjoying doing the fun blocks with different styles of doing it. Here are the first 4. The best part is that I will be done with this by Christmas!!

We are going at a rate of 2 a week and the next one is tomorrow and I can't wait to check it out!!

I am also working on a sew a long for oven mitts. I am using up my scraps and giving them away for Christmas presents. Once I am done with some more I will post some pics!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New toy

So thru the various blogs that I read and follow I have seen a lot of stuff being done with hexagons. Check out this pillow and this one and a cute bowl cover and a mini quilt and an eyeglass case. 
Some people hand cut them and others use different machines to cut them out. I have a BigShot so I broke down and ordered the 1 1/4 hexagon Sizzix die cut which cuts out 4 hexagons at a time. I just happened to pull this fabric out from my leftovers box and started playing with it. Can't wait until I have time to play with this more. I think a bunch of these would be cool to sew together for an oven mitt. It is also a good way to get rid of scraps!

Remember this picture? I am slowly getting closer to making it. I have all the materials. I chose a black fabric with a white swirls on it and a deep pink interior with black leather straps. Here is the flower I made. It is removable so I can make more. It is all hot glued together and I love me some hot glue!!!

What I have been up to,,,,,

I know that it feels like forever since I have posted an update! Well get ready to see what I have been doing.
You may recall that I won a couple Amy Butler patterns. Well my friend wanted a Spice Market Tote made so we went shopping together which was super fun and I can't wait to do it again! We went to this awesome quilt shop in the small town of Salado, Texas. They even carry Amy Butler fabric! She was able to get some AB fabric on the clearance rack. This bag is HUGE and I need one now too!!
Here's some pics!!

I promise to be back soon with more stuff I made!
And have I mentioned I custom make bags?
If you ever need anything let me know!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

ooooooh so happy!!!

So about a month ago I joined a Enchino fabric swap. This week I got it in the mail!!!
Here is what I got!!

They are all 10 in squares and I have NO clue what  I will be doing with them but I can't wait to use them!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

So I got 5 yds for $5 of this awesome grey knit fabric last year at walmart for one of their specials. I have been keeping it for something good. I found this pattern and knew that I had to make it from this fabric. It was super easy and worked great!!! I tried it on and had my 5 year okld take some pics caue the hubby was busy with football. I promise it looked even better in person!!!!! The ruffle was super easy and waorked great!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I love the mail!!!!

So I got the mail yesterday and usually it is just bills, bills, bills..........but not yesterday!!!
Here is what came:

Two of these patterns I won from a contest. The middle one I had to buy cause I love it!!!!!
The ones below are from Stitches thing ever!!! I love these bags and the pillow looks hard so maybe one day I will try it.

So it looks like I will be keeping busy makine me some new bags!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

De-Stash 4 Malawi at LilypadQuilting

Please help out in sponsoring this wonderful cause!!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I enjoyed payday......

Well Friday was the first payday of this school year so after school I booked a place for my son's 5th birthday party and then I went to Hancock's Fabrics. They are having a SUPER sale for their 54th anniversary so a ton of stuff is 54% off. I only had a few things on my list but I walked away with 2 big bags full of stuff. Here is a rundown of what I got and what the plan is for them!!! And I will prolly go back for more!!

The ribbon I got to make my fall wreath (already cut up into strips)

 This is the button I got for the back of the dress I am TRYING to promises on this one!!

 This is the softest fleece ever!!! For a nice warm wrap this winter

I promise this is red- my camera just sux- more fleece for a wrap

 This is a remnant and it is sooo soft that I will use it to line something!!

 This is some fabric that will be the lining of a purse I am making for someone!

This fabric was $2 a yard and will make a nice warm comfy skirt!!!

I couldn't believe how cheap this fab was and I can just see it as a nice warm skirt with leggings and boots. It is warm and wooly!!!

I was in heaven when I saw this. They have a whole coordinating section for home decor with these colors and I love them.....just soooo stinking expensive.....hopefully I find more like this in the remnant section!

 These apples didn't want to show their real red color but it is cordorey like fabric with apples embroidered on it. Very cute and schooly!!!!

Well thats what I got and I am super excited to get started!! Not sure when that will be since we have 2 busy weekends coming up but it will happen soon!!!