Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another craaazy week!!

So this week was the week before Thanksgiving break and it kids at school were craaaazy!!! Home life was also craaazy and not a lot of sewing got done. On Wed a teacher asked if I could help her with a gift idea for a cousin overseas that has a little girl and she needed it by early next week! I suggested skirts and she loved the idea so Wed night I was at the local Hancocks texting her pictures of fabric to see which ones she liked. We finally decided on 2 cute ones and I knocked them out Thur after school and I gave them to her Fri and she was super happy with the results. Here they are!!

This picture was taken on my kitchen floor as I was heading out for school Fri morning.....I almost forgot to take a pic!!

My plans for Turkey break are to catch up on the last 2 blocks from the Christmas sew a long- as well as the 2 new ones coming this week. I have 2 bags I am making for Christmas gifts for my mama and my ma in law. And I am writing a tutorial on making a diaper bag (actually I will be making 2 of them) for gifts. If I can get all this done as well as the traveling next weekend I will be a SUPER happy person!!!

Have a great weekend!

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