Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Playing Teacher

So my mother-in-law is in town this week and she wants me to help her make a little blanket for my niece. She couldn't find what she wanted but I looked online and found this

at FGS and she loved it!
Her job was to cut it apart (and she handled that)
I thought she might try piecing it together and I even sent her a diagram...

but she waited for me so we went out and got some pink, yellow, and blue to go along with it.
She has finished one row with only one messup! She is halfway thru the 2nd row. Hopefully she can get most of it done by Wed. We leave to take her home Thurs am!

I also finished another block in the pellon Cathedral Window sew a along. 

My ma in law also found some thread that she gave me!

It is wonderful Madeira thread and there are some awesome metallics in there!!!

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