Monday, September 2, 2013

An exciting weekend!

So let me tell you about my weekend- and I won't mention how Friday was my birthday and I had an absolutely horrible day!! 

Saturday morning we were woken up by Roman(my son) coming into our room and saying that the carpet was really wet. We then hear the roar of rushing water. Seems the water softener that the owners put in in the spring was spraying water everywhere and it had flooded half the house. Not how I wanted to start the weekend. Once the water got stopped we realized how bad it was. The owners were out of town for the weekend too. We got as much water out as we could and then the guy that installed that water softener come out and we pulled up the carpets, removed the soaking wet padding, tried drying the concrete, and propped up the carpet to put fans under it to help it to dry. All has dried except the spare bedroom. The humidity in here has been horrible and is starting to smell! It is like an obstacle course to get down the hall and through the living room.

The hallway
 The Living Room

Anyways, this week's blocks are 43-45

43 has some flying geese....still can't stand these guys!

44 came out a little wonky but once connected should be ok....I hope!

45 was pretty simple
This far in I hope you remember the them up and share them and maybe win a prize.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and stayed dry....indoors and out!!


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