Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let me introduce you to a couple of my friends.....

So this winter is the worst I think I have ever been through. Lots of things have happened- mostly for the negative and with the excess cold and other personal things going on, it has been pretty tough. I don't really have anyone to talk to about it because a couple people that I thought were my friends have really let me down....but that's another story!

So anyways, as crappy as I feel about things, there are a couple of my friends out there that are doing wonderful things for themselves and others and are fulfilling their dreams so I wanted to take a minute and tell you about them!

The first is my pal Rachel who resides over at Imagine Gnats as well as a few other places around the net. I met her online and got to hang out with her in Cincy at Maker Fair. She is even more amazing in person and her husband is awesome!! She is amazing at designing clothes patterns for women and kiddos. The thing about her stuff that I love it that it is made for people of all sizes! Not just stick people with no curves. She has a wonderful blog and shop and all sorts of goodies on her site so go check it out!

Once you see how awesome she is, take a stroll over to here. Her patterns are currently in PDF form and she is taking the next step to have them printed on paper.This is a HUGE step in the right direction for her but it doesn't come cheap. She is having a fundraiser to help cut down some of these costs. She has some amazing perks for those that donate. With your contribution you can get some of her amazing patterns and even a custom item made by her just for you!! 

So go check her out and give her some LOVE!!

The 2nd person I want to introduce you to is the Fabulous Lisa Sipes. You can read her full story here but let me tell you that she is amazing. She has long-arm quilted many fabulous quilts and won some amazing rewards. She recently moved to Philly and I don't think that town will ever be the same!!!

She has to have the biggest heart that I know. She volunteers in homeless shelters and her goal is to open a home for youth in the LGBT community. She gives selfishly of her heart and her time. She has started a campaign to raise money to put towards her dream . You can read all about it here and feel free to show her some LOVE!!

So I hoped you enjoyed meeting my friends. I promise to be back on here soon with a couple projects I have finished- 2 baby blankets and crazy purple quilt!

Take care and stay warm!!


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  1. you're so sweet :) and i'm honored to be paired with the always amazing Lisa!! XO