Sunday, September 25, 2011

I enjoyed payday......

Well Friday was the first payday of this school year so after school I booked a place for my son's 5th birthday party and then I went to Hancock's Fabrics. They are having a SUPER sale for their 54th anniversary so a ton of stuff is 54% off. I only had a few things on my list but I walked away with 2 big bags full of stuff. Here is a rundown of what I got and what the plan is for them!!! And I will prolly go back for more!!

The ribbon I got to make my fall wreath (already cut up into strips)

 This is the button I got for the back of the dress I am TRYING to promises on this one!!

 This is the softest fleece ever!!! For a nice warm wrap this winter

I promise this is red- my camera just sux- more fleece for a wrap

 This is a remnant and it is sooo soft that I will use it to line something!!

 This is some fabric that will be the lining of a purse I am making for someone!

This fabric was $2 a yard and will make a nice warm comfy skirt!!!

I couldn't believe how cheap this fab was and I can just see it as a nice warm skirt with leggings and boots. It is warm and wooly!!!

I was in heaven when I saw this. They have a whole coordinating section for home decor with these colors and I love them.....just soooo stinking expensive.....hopefully I find more like this in the remnant section!

 These apples didn't want to show their real red color but it is cordorey like fabric with apples embroidered on it. Very cute and schooly!!!!

Well thats what I got and I am super excited to get started!! Not sure when that will be since we have 2 busy weekends coming up but it will happen soon!!!

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