Monday, January 21, 2013

Feet, Feet, and more feet.....

So there is a dual reason behind this post. 
#1. Make people out there aware of the different types of feet out there and their uses
#2. Make me look at the feet I have so that I use them!

I was given my machine and all these feet and other accessories and I don't really know what I have. Just the other day I realized that I had a 1/4 inch foot and wasn't using it!! Don't even ask how I did my piecing!! 
Most of these feet can be used with other machines and not just Vikings. There are also one or two that I have bought that were a generic brand from Amazon but lists what machines it will work on. This saved me a few $$.
Here we go!!

This is a transparent foot...very clever in the naming! It is used for satin stitches and decorate stitch work where you want to be able to see exactly what and where you are sewing. 

This is a presser foot. It is what I have made almost everything with (except zippers) over the past 2 years. It is for use with heavier fabrics. The width is just over a 1/4 of an inch. 

This is an edging foot. It is for edging!! This is for finishing the edge of a item so that it doesn't fray or an edge that might curl. It has a teeny tiny wire (where the red fuzz is stuck) to help prevent the edge from curling.

 This is a edge/joining foot. It has a guide down the middle to help join 2 fabrics. Or, something I loathe right now, stitching in the ditch. This is when you stitch/quilt in the joint between where 2 fabrics are connected. The guide helps you stay in place.

This is an open toe foot. It is very open in the front in order to keep an eye on applique, satin, and decorative stitches. 

This is a piping foot. It can be used to put piping on an item or to make your own piping. I have used this once but I think that the piping I was using was too thick and it kept shifting. The foot has a groove in the bottom of it to keep it in line.

This is my NEW best friend. It is the quilter's 1/4 inch piecing foot. It will give a perfect 1/4 inch seam if the fabric is aligned on the edge. It also has marks for 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch for when you have to turn corners. 

This is the one that I bought. It is an open toe stippling foot. Raise the feet doggies on your machine and you can use this to sew in whatever direction you want to, especially stippling. A must have for anyone that quilts at home!!

This is a dual feed foot. Also called a walking foot. It is good for quilting straight lines over thick layers. It also comes with guides so that you are assured of sewing in a straight line. I have used it but I don't always quilt in a straight line so it is only a sometime thing. 

This is a free motion guide foot. Very similar to stipple foot. It has guide lines on it to help keep your sewing lined up. Feed doggies up again!

This is a zipper foot. It is used when attaching zippers. The edge is able to pressed in on the zipper or piping in order to get as close as possible.

Well I hope that this wasn't too boring!
Stay tuned next time for a book/pattern review along with the quilt I made for a challenge.
Take care, stay warm, and let me know what your favorite sewing foot is!!

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