Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just a week late....!

So YES I did miss last week's post on the Tula Blocks but we were in Wisconsin on a short little family trip. I mean when you have this for a pool in a hotel....

Can you blame me for not posting??? And don't even ask me how many times we stopped at Costco for afternoon snacks!!! lol

So last weeks blocks were 16, 17, & 18. This is the 2nd section of the book and it focus's on the rectangles. 

So for 16 we have this one- I am sure its just the picture that looks crooked and not the fabric!

I love the pink and yellow of #17

 And here is #18 in all its wonkiness!! It will all straighten out with the borders...or look worse!

Sara also announced the winner for June! Yeah if that was you!! And you can also see July's prizes to be sure to link up your blocks to the appropriate posts! (Which I need to do too!)

So now we get to this weeks blocks which are 19, 20 & 21.

My #19- love that it is in Spanish and French and pointy fingers!

#20 shares some mustardy goodness!

And #21 is simple but sweet.  

I have been trying to work ahead on these blocks and are making a decent dent in them. I also just finished 3 quilts for the shop I work at so be looking for that post later in the week.....I know its already Wed but its not over yet!

Take care and stay dry!!


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