Monday, March 3, 2014

You know you are getting old when....

you get excited about buying new vacuums!!!

So some of you may remember a couple of years ago when I talked about getting my Dyson. If not, you can refresh your memory here. Well Hubby got his bonus check on Friday and I got "permission" to go spend some of it today. 

Last night at work I got some Target gift cards so that I could get me some extra fuel points and after a coffee stop, I headed there first this morning. I picked up a Bissell Pet Cleaning vacuum on sale. Plus I got a $20 gift card to go back and use later. 

This is an awesome machine. It picks up a lot and will be staying upstairs. It even has a pet hair brush from removing hair from the furniture and any where else it might land. lol

Then I headed to Meijer where they had the SpotBot on sale. 20% off on it as well as the pet specific cleaner for it. 

All you do it fill it, put it over the spot, and press a button. 3 minutes later the spot is gone. So far it has worked great on pee, mud, and puke stains....all dog related while hubby is in charge!! lol  It can also be used manually. It does make a loud noise which isn't all together bad. It keeps the dog away while its being used. 

Would have to say that I am pleased with my purchases and my 2 new friends!!!

Take care and happy cleaning!!


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