Friday, May 17, 2013

A follow-up from yesterday

So I was browsing thru a book yesterday at work when I saw that someone had a how-to for taking one of those wooden foldable couch tables and turning it into a little ironing board. It showed how to use a nail gun and attach it to the table. I thought that was a great idea since I could use a smaller ironing area when piecing things, but I didn't like the idea of it being permanent.

Solution? Use elastic to attach it to the table and then it is easy to just pull off! I used the same method of making the small one as I did the big one. I then attached elastic on the back so that it will stay on the table!

Check it out!

It was nice to be able to use up some of the scraps from the big one and now I have 2 options for ironing!! Yeah Me!!!

Have a wonderful weekend


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  1. Very nice! I have also thought about doing the tray table version, to sit right next to my sewing machine. But, I figured that was just being too lazy, as my regular board is only 4 ft away. :)