Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm Ready, Are You?

Sew Sweetness

It has started! 
I am soo stinking excited to see what everyone does!
Sara's first post is here and it is all about picking your fabric.

Here is my pile of goodies to get me going. Do you need all this? Probably not, but let me tell you why I do!

First we have the book! Amazing as I have already mentioned. For my fabric I got a charm pack of 2wenty Thr32. It is by Eric and Julie Comstock for Moda. I love the pink and grey and yellows. These blocks also need something with a small print and/or pictures and this line is perfect! I have 42 5-inch squares to play with, so I went thru the book and put in the squares for the blocks I wanted to use them in. Now, you are probably thinking that the book has 100 blocks and I only have 42 squares so how will this work? I also thought about that. Some pieces with only have a little bit used so I will have scraps and I also picked up a couple fat quarters along the way to use!

I then had to go about getting the solids to coordinate with the line. I was able to pick some up at Pink Castle, as well as Fat Quarter Shop. Oh, and I got a good deal on some yardage over at Stash Modern Fabric. I am still waiting on the rest to come in but it will be here soon and I can't wait!

The next item I needed to address was storage. I swung by the Dollar Store and picked up some snack zipper seal baggies. This way I can cut and keep the pieces together for each piece until I was ready to sew them. I used masking tape on the baggies so that I know what number block it corresponds to and then put a mark in the book so that I know that I already had a bag with it. There are only 50 bags but they will definitely be re used. I then need a place to keep the baggies and my finished blocks. While at ye olde Dollar Tree, I tried to fine a container where my blocks could lay flat but none of theirs were big enough. So I scrounged around at home and found a container with a lid that was big enough. This way I can keep everything together. I have been trying to stay more organized with the 10 projects or so that I am working on. Usually I would just have piles everywhere and then I would lose stuff. I have some extra containers to keep it all contained!!

Well I believe that does it for supplies. I have a few...maybe 9 or so...other projects to work on while I wait on my fabric to get here. If you are participating be sure to let me know what fabrics you are using and to post your blocks over on Flikr. 

Have a wonderful day, night, afternoon, etc.......


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  1. Love your fabrics! Lots of wonderful blocks already posted. This is going to be fun to watch everything come together. :-)