Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something for me!

So after a couple stress-filled weeks of making things for others, I decided to make something for myself. I had noticed over the past week that my ironing board became wobbly and when I sat my iron on it, it would fall over- which is never good!

Instead of buying a new ironing board, I decided to buy a 4-foot table that is adjustable in height. Got it thru Wal-mart's in Site to Store so that there is no shipping cost. 

It goes up to 36 inches high which is (almost) perfect height for standing- I would like it a couple inches higher but it still works. The table top is 42 by 36 inches which gave me double the depth which is always nice!

Then I decided to make an ironing pad to put over the table and then remove when I didn't need it. I looked online for the proper materials and this is what I got:

The top layer is Pellon Fusible Fleece. Really any kind of batting will do to absorb moisture and this piece was given to me but it was stained so I couldn't really use it on something else. It was perfect for this.

The second layer is Pellon's Thermolam. It is the same material that is used in pot holders to protect from the heat. This helps trap the heat from melting the plastic table underneath.

The last layer is Ironing Board Cover silver cloth. It does just what it says and covers the top of the ironing board. It is meant to reflect the heat of the iron back onto itself- or the fabric on it. 

Of course I needed a backing and I happened to have some Duck (quack) fabric in a pattern I liked that I got from my friend Lindsay when she was moving! 

I threw it all together with a little spray adhesive in between the layers and quilted diamonds on it. The thing with the top fabric is that you cannot use pins or it makes it less effective.

Here are pictures of both sides.

I couldn't decide what to use for binding so I just cut some silver strips and used those.

I just love those clips! They hold everything and are the perfect size. They now have Jumbo clips which will be even better for bag making!!

As I sewed on the binding, I threw in a piece of elastic on one end to keep it rolled up when not in use. In retrospect, I should have put one on both ends and made it a little longer but it still works fine for me!

Here is a picture of it laid out on the table.

 Do you see my poor guy on the ironing board in the background? Not sure what to do with him, but he will be missed hehe!

Here it is rolled up

I also used some non slip plastic material- like you would put on a shelf or under a rug so that it doesn't move- to keep the fabric from sliding around on the table.

Well hope you enjoyed this and now I am off to make a couple bags and a quilt or two!
Have a great day!


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