Sunday, September 4, 2011

A gift

So yesterday I realized that next weekend is a birthday party for a little girl turning 1. She is the first granddaughter on both side so I know she will have plenty of toys and things coming her way, so I decided to make her a couple skirts. I looked for some tutorials online but couldn't find exactly what I wanted to I decided to wing it. She is wearing 18mths clothes so when I went to Target I measured the waist and length of a skirt in her size.

Since my next step was the fabric store, I decided to check out the fat quarter to get 2 sets of pairs that would coordinate together.

For the ladybugs, I ironed them and then folded them in half a couple times and cut on the folds to make strips. Then I sewed the strips together alternating white and black. When I was done, I hemmed the bottom and made the casing for the elastic and sewed it together!!

For the red and white I cut the fabric so that there were 2 strips 22 inches wide and sewed them together. I did the same for the white fabric and sewed it onto the red to let it show out the bottom.

I really enjoyed making them and I see more to be made for gifts in the future!!

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