Monday, September 12, 2011

In the previous post I mentioned that a friend wanted me to make some bags. Well she sent them to me and after what felt like forever seam ripping them and working with patterns, I finished the first of the three for her and I am totally happy with them. Once I learned the basics of making bags it isn't hard to do at all. I posted pics for her and she is extremely happy with them which makes it all worth while!!!
Here are some pics!!!

The front is the slanted pockets from the suit- they originally had a zipper between them. I repositioned the velcro to the middle to attach the name to.

Adjustable straps

For the outer ends I used the bottom of the legs where there was a zipper to let them fit over shoes. I removed the zipper but kept the pleating to make some details......I am still working on removing those dang little threads!!!

All the inner pockets were on the legs and sleeves of the jumper. I added a snap to close it. I put stiff innerfacing on the fronts and back to make it stand up.

Did I mention that I LOVE these bags and can't wait to make the other ones????
Well its true!!!

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