Thursday, June 20, 2013

10-12 and a couple other blocks too!

Have you finished any more blocks? I just linked up mine with this weeks post. Not sure what I am talking about? Check it out! June is almost over (can you believe it?) so you want to get linked up so that you are in the running for some great prizes!! 

Here are mine:

Once again we are sideways....even though I am uploading them and they are not sideways.....any suggestions?

Here are my May and June Lucky Stars.

 The first is from Tula's Prince Charming and the second is made using Fairy Frost by Robert Kauffman. It is super shiny- even though you can't tell. 

I also joined a Block of the Month at a local quilt shop. Only $10 for the year and they provide all the fabric. Couldn't resist this deal. Here is what the final version will look like.

I know, I know, not my style but I am doing it for the techniques and practice. I think my mom would probably hang it up or someone! 
Here is my first block

Pretty basic. I am also working on my Y seams because I want to make a scrappy diamond quilt....not the easiest thing but that's how I roll!!

 I want to make something that looks like this:

We will see how that goes! 

Can't wait to see everyone's blocks!


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