Sunday, June 2, 2013

It was my first time and I liked it!!!

Making a T-shirt quilt that is.....

So at the recent Craft Market I was at, a lady came up and asked if I had ever done a t-shirt quilt. I was honest and told her that I hadn't but that I would like to. She just happened to have 15 of her daughters t-shirts in her car that she was wanting made into one. Sounded good to me. And the fact that she wanted it in 3 weeks was a challenge that I gladly took on.

The first thing I did was look for coordinating fabric. There was a red shirt and an orange shirt so those were going to be the challenge. Not all colors go with these 2 colors. So off to JoAnnes I went. 

My 2 favorite fabric colors are Chartreuse and Peacock- both Konas- and they worked great. I sent these pics to the customer and she sent these back:

Pictures of her daughter's room in blue and green! How perfect!

So I cut and fused and sashed and came up with this and I loved it!!

The blocks ended up being 11 inch squares to accommodate all the writing. Now on to the decision of the backing. Mom wanted something comfy so I picked flannel and send some examples from the local Hancock's.


Mom chose the Blue and Green flowers in the middle of the first picture. I knew I was going to use straight lines for the quilting but I decided to make it a little more interesting by basket weaving the lines. Some look like they stop while others go over. 

I think you can see it pretty good. I quilted it using some Aurifil Light Grey thread that I had leftover from another project and it is wonderful! The blocks were big enough that I couldn't not do any quilting on them. I just free-motioned around the designs on them. 

Here is the finished quilt.

For the binding I used strips of the blue and green alternating. I machine sewed it on.

The mom received it and was quite happy and satisfied so I consider this a success!!

Can't wait to try my hand at the next one!!



  1. Great job, Kim! What did you use for fusing? I have never made one, either, but, seeing yours has me thinking. ;-)

    1. I used Pellon Ultra Light fusible. 101 would also work. You just need something to keep the shirts from stretching!