Friday, June 21, 2013

Mama's Got A New Bag!!!

So not too long ago Tula Pink released her Saltwater line of fabric. Of course I had to get some, so I pre-ordered a half-yard bundle from I Don't do Dishes.

Notice how I took a picture with her card- that's good planning on my part for once because without that I would have no idea where it came from!! 

So I have been waiting to make something with it and decided to try out one of my gal pal Sara's patterns. I decided on the Dot Dot Dash Bag so that I could fussy cut me some octopi!

Here is what I ended up with!!

Have to say that I am once again impressed with Sara's pattern and easy her directions made it to put together. Just remember to ALWAYS read the entire pattern before you begin and to pay attention to what step you are on. I might have had to go back and rip some seams because I got distracted and didn't follow the correct steps. 

Happy Friday to all and to all a great weekend!!


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